JPS Farms

CALLING VOLUNTEERS FOR THURSDAY JUNE 9th! If you’re up for digging in the dirt to support community agriculture, this is the place. All help is appreciated for this one-day, field-planting effort. It’ll be challenging, fun, and a great way to get involved in your local agricultural community. We’re leaving at 5 am to avoid working in the noon sun, so plan to be back in the city after lunch :)

JPS Farms is a “family run farm that embraces old and new agricultural practices. With a love of land that runs through our veins, growing organic crops is second nature to us. We are one of the few farms that produces fresh greens through Minnesota winters.”

JPS Farms represents Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). According to JPS, “CSA is a mutually beneficial activity for its members and the farm. The community enables the farm to produce pesticides- and herbicides-free crops by purchasing shares for the season.” Yes, that’s right folks. Locally grown, organic crops for you to enjoy all year!

For more information on helping this week, please contact me via the “contact” form above.

For info on purchasing a share of CSA crops, visit THIS LINK and click on “info” for contacts. Thanks!