A resolution | Wedding Photographer Natalie Champa Jennings

A resolution.
Inspiration finds its way to me in myriad ways, especially in my business. A photograph, just one single photograph, has the power to elicit feelings and emotions which are sometimes impossible to verbalize.
Like falling in love.
One of my prime photographic muses had a lot to say recently on this very topic.
And how in our business, it’s damn easy to forget why you’re doing what you’re doing.
But that intangible swirl of emotion that makes a good wedding amazing, that wispy breeze charged with warmth and desire that grazes the cheek of each person in the room, that is what breathes the life into a wedding photograph.
That is what I’m after.
So this year I resolve to keep this in mind and not lose sight of its importance in my work.
Dresses, jewelry, cakes and shoes may contribute elegance and splendor to a wedding day, and many couples truly deserve recognition for their outstanding planning and unrivaled decor.
But that thing, that impossible-to-pin-down-special-thing, is all that truly matters.
So, love, I resolve to give you more attention.
If you’re reading this and planning your wedding, and the stress is mounting, don’t forget what’s really important. Because at the end of the day, your wedding day, it always trumps the rest.