First Birthday in Minneapolis: Gracie

Baby Gracie just celebrated her first birthday in Minnesota with a baby portrait session.

The back yard is still an adventure for someone so small, so the swing, dog, and toys were more than enough excitement for a great photo session.


Gracie and sponge bob print Gracie Goodnight Moon in Gracie Ninja baby Baby feet in the swing with mom and dad Gracie holding her first birthday candle one Asking to be picked up Gracie and Dad Walking and holding mom and dad Gracie playing with her toys Gracie sitting all alone in the grassy yard Roxie the dog and baby black and white Roxie the dog and baby Gracie Baby Gracie and Dad holding her up Baby crawling in the grass in diaper Naked Baby Gracie in the Grass Gracie and Dad going down the slide Gracie smiling at the camera