Summer Travels Part One: Luck and Milwaukee, WI

The road is our home this year, that’s for sure.

One of my favorite legs of our considerable journey has been North America. Although I grew up on this continent, there’s a great deal of the thing I have yet to see, or probably will ever see. Fortunately, our travels took us to quite a few new places this year.

Of course I amassed a ridiculously fantastic amount of photographs from the month-long journey so I’ve decided to post this baby in five parts, both for your viewing convenience and my editing sanity.

Part one: Bone Lake in Luck, Wisconsin en route to Summerfest in Milwaukee. You’ll recognize some familiar faces from our Europe tour, specifically Scotland’s superstar Red Hot Chilli Pipers.



Sunset and Birdhouse WisconsinBone Lake SunsetPaul Jennings at Bone LakeBone Lake WisconsinBaby Ducks Bone Lake WisconsinBone Lake Sunset WisconsinWisconsin Happy BarnWisconsin FieldChippewa Falls Wisconsin StorefrontWisconsin TreesMilwaukee Downtown at SunsetSeagullMilwaukee BridgeMilwaukee Summerfest boat harbor at sunsetSummerfest WisconsinRed Hot Chilli Pipers Stage Set-upSummerfest SunsetMilwaukee Sunset SummerfestDrummer Red Hot Chilli Pipers Live | Music Photographer Natalie Champa JenningsRed Hot Chilli Pipers Live Summerfest WisconsinSummerfest Milwaukee StageRed Hot Chilli Pipers Milwaukee Summerfest LiveRed Hot Chilli Pipers Summerfest

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