Big Island on Lake Minnetonka: a little photo adventure with friends

If you’re familiar with Excelsior, Minnesota–my hometown–then you’ve certainly heard of Lake Minnetonka and its Big Island. A string of party boats can be seen on the island’s north shore all summer long. There’s music & dancing, water volleyball & beer, and one huge, seemingly non-stop summer party in the waters a few feet beyond Big Island’s shoreline.

But the Island itself is a whole different story.

Thanks to a favorite childhood friend, one of the lucky few who lives on the Big Island, a few of us (including the fantastic Gary, in town from Scotland) were able to spend the day exploring what used to be the famous Big Island Amusement Park. It’s a place with a lot of strange exciting energy, lovely long hikes, and a few wild deer.

We had a bunch of silly fun.

02 Sweet Tooth

Lake Minnetonka photography Boat controls Aaron Paul and Gary on the boat on Lake Minnetonka with blue sky Keep out sign on Big Island Aaron walking Paul and Gary sun and trees A tree grows sideways Walking with rainbow lens flare Lake Minnetonka shoreline and waves The crew on Big Island Hamm Aaron with boats and lake minnetonka in the background Gary lauging Big Island Lake Minnetoanka aaron aaron Big Island plants Libby A reflection of trees in Lake Minnetonka from the dock Dock and swamp Libby and Gary pose for the camera sky and tree Libby park sign exploring an abandoned house house on big island Tee Pee Big Island Tee Pee A drink glass from touring Germany Jazzhaus Gary plays piano and paul jennings and their iphones on Big Island Aaron walks around through big island clothes line on Big Island sundial with Minnetonka engraving A table outside Sunset weights at sunset aaron carries drop cloth Maynard deer food and feet Aaron and wolf shirt Bis Island and Uff Da sign Gary mixes a drink Mount Gay Rum & Sprite birdfeeder Deer looks up at camera while grazing Deer graze on the Big Island Lake Minnetonka Libby finds and old magazine curvy women pose in a magazine uff da and Hamm Gary takes a photograph of the strange man on the roof Parking sign and canoes for Norweigans only Lake Minnetonka anchored sailboat Paul lights a cigar on the boat Libby on the boat geese in Lake Minnetonka Docks to Bayview and Bayside in Excelsior Paul Jennings on the boat Gary lauging Lake Minnetonka gary watches a flock of Geese near Maynard The view from the back of the boat on Lake Minnetonka

Music: “Sweet Tooth” by The Forest Fires

  • MJ and the All StarZ - WHAT A GREAT SHOOT……….Looks like stills from a Cult Movie..

    Reckon theres a storyboard in amongst all these…….

    Beautiful Place……..You LUCKY PEOPLE…….XXXXReplyCancel

  • Gareh playz pianah. - I’ve only JUST managed to look through these, I had so much fun looking through them and enjoying that catchy little song! There was a few that made me laugh out loud.
    This day was THEE highlight of my 2012 trip to Amurikah… I wish we could do it all again.
    You and Paul were the most awesome hosts. I miss you guys loads, especially after these photos.ReplyCancel

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