Summer travels part six: Yellowstone

This travel collection features the incredible Yellowstone National Park.  You won’t see pictures of the famous Yellowstone geyser, Old Faithful, though. I wanted to keep this post serene and simple, like the park itself. Old Faithful is incredible, but its surroundings are crowded like an amusement park, not a national park. Nonetheless, this journey is one I’d recommend to anyone who has yet to visit this breathtaking part of America. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Driving into Yellowstone Buffalo crossing sign in Yellowstone Rain in a puddle Wild Buffalo on the roadside in Yellowstone National Park Driving through the national park Animals in the park Yellowstone Yellowstone River Scene Sulfur in yellowstone wildflowers Lake in Yellowstone National Park travel photographer Yellowstone photography trees and mountains Driving out of yellowstone bird Tree Island Yellowstone National Park Natalie Champa Jennings Photography Travel photographer Mountain side Yellowstone National Park exit sign