BWCA: a small film collection


Remember those super sturdy silver bodied Pentax Spotmatic cameras you learned to shoot in high school? I pulled mine out of the closet recently, loaded it with some basic Kodak 400, and dragged it to the BWCA in northern Minnesota. I’ve pieced together a few images from the trip below, all shot on film, as I’m sure you’ll notice with some of my rusty skills.

That said, I love how the flaws tend to add a certain beauty to the images, too. Thanks to RPL in Hollywood for another superb job.

We had a fabulous trip with gorgeous weather, some lucky fishing, and peaceful canoe rides. Our 220+ rod portage was a little rough, but totally worth it.


BWCA Kodak 400The group at the BWCAFirst night in BWCA in the bunkhouseCampsite view kodak 400Canoes at the BWCAPaul in the BWCACanoe BWCA Pentax Spotmatic Kodak 400BWCADinner fish Boundary WatersBWCAPaulWater and wolf spiderheading home bWCABWCA

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  • Anna PavlovaNovember 2, 2012 - 5:15 pm

    Think more of these oldie but goodie cameras should still be used, like old style films, and vinyl records. Oh and those PROUD fishermen pics…….:) as well as some reminders of Indiana Jones in there as well. What a BEAUTIFUL Place to be wild in…ReplyCancel