Family portraits at the Minnesota State Fair: the best place for photographs

You may have heard me say a few things about my portrait sessions before. That I emphasize the fleeting, candid moments that are rare inside of a studio space. Or, that I don’t have a studio space and prefer to take adventures, like this one at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

As you’ll see in the following post, there is something so special about being a fly on the wall and letting the moment unfold. Natural expressions and emotions really manifest themselves and come to life in front of the camera. There’s nothing wrong with a posed portrait here or there, there are a few in this collection.

But the kind of photographs you’ll walk away with after an afternoon at the Great Minnesota Get Together compared to a stuffy studio are truly special and unique in a way that only candid moments can be. There’s nothing wrong with stuffy, but for me, it doesn’t really tell a story. And at the end of the day, that’s what a great series of photographs has the power to do: tell your story.

I hope you enjoy viewing this family portrait session as much as I enjoyed shooting it.


05 Good Enough For Granddad

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