Introducing A Face Project

A Face Project was born of the timeless idea that everyone has a story to tell. Our hope is to build a collection of stories from all over the world that inspire, educate, and entertain using photography as the primary medium alongside writing and audio interviews. Since AFP’s launch on March 21, 2013, we have heard from many incredible people offering their stories to share. It’s so exciting to watch a years-old idea finally take shape!

Below you’ll find a short clip about AFP as well as our first installment. We’re working hard to build AFP’s website and hope to launch the official site this spring. In the meantime we’re meeting with volunteers and growing our collection of stories to share.

There are no boundaries. We’re open to hear about what you’d like to share: your passion, illness, daily routine, hobby, pet, personal experience, breakup, recipes, job, ideas, favorite places…they all qualify. Some installments are longer than others but there is no length or subject requirement.

To participate email:

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And below is our first installment. Click the arrow to play.