Molly + Scott


When one of my dearest friends told me she was getting married in Maine (in October) I jumped around and shrieked a little as you do in a moment of excitement. Then I thought of photography. The beauty of New England is certainly at its peak in the fall.

Then she told me I was going to be in the wedding.

Delight, surprise, and excitement were followed shortly by the question, “Who’s taking your photos?” (A natural curiosity for someone in my profession). Turns out her answer was along the lines of “Family and friends…”

Thus began the challenge of the bridesmaid/photographer. My profession aside, I feel strongly that weddings ought to be properly documented. It’s the one day where all of the people you love most gather together to celebrate the union of two people in love and two people who have driven themselves crazy with planning and planning and planning. When the dance floor clears the bride and groom have each other, a pair of wedding rings, and that’s about it. The flowers die. The dress finds a resting place in a large box in a dark closet. The cake is divided and devoured.  Photographs are the survivors, alongside the love, when it comes to weddings. And I intended that one of my best friends have a few photographs of her wedding day.

Of course, once I got started it was difficult to put the camera down.

With a little help from my talented husband (and oft second shooter) I was able to document the day AND stand next to Molly at the altar as she married her best friend. It was a stunning day in Cape Neddick, Maine. And for mid-October we still survived without large coats.

There are few feelings that exceed the fun in knowing the people you care about are truly happy and well-cared for. They are perfect together.

So here’s a collection of photos from Molly & Scott’s wedding in Maine. If you’d like to check out their slide show, you can find it here. Enjoy.


14 Pennies from Heaven


Downtown Portsmouth, Maine Socks and leaves before getting the wedding dress on wedding dress Portsmouth, Maine cat and wedding dress Molly before putting her wedding dress on Tiffany and Co wedding gift Tiffany and Co horseshoe charm and wedding bouquet in Cape Neddick, Maine Clay Hill Farm wedding and bride Clay Hill Farm in Cape Neddick, Maine Cape Neddick Maine wedding on Clay Hill Farm Mary Flower playing guitar in Cape Neddick, Maine for a wedding The altar on clay hill farm Bride Bride and groom in Cape Neddick Maine Maine wedding photo bride and groom Bride and groom in Maine Maine wedding photo Cape Neddick Maine wedding photo of dinner

Music: Louis Prima “Pennies from Heaven”