First Tattoo in Minneapolis | Episode #6 from A Face Project

A Face Project is slowly building steam folks, thanks to all of your support on this site for the past three years or so.

If you’re unfamiliar, A Face Project is my personal work-in-progress based in St. Paul, Minnesota but with global ambitions. Check it out, you’ll immediately see how incredible this project will be with the world involved.

Just one story at a time. One photograph at a time.

AFP mixes audio & photography (by Natalie Champa Jennings) into slide show format. The pairing is powerful, but AFP episodes may also be enjoyed in podcast format, or without the sound. So for you busy folks at your editing machines all day, unable to look away, just toss on the audio and enjoy.

The most recent AFP episode features Jessica, a local tattoo apprentice who is not only starting to give the famous art medium to people to wear but went under the needle for her own first tattoo experience.

Thanks to 4Points Body Gallery in Minneapolis and The Small Cities for their excellent music, AFP is on a roll.

Here’s where you go to watch.


Minneapolis tattoo artists photo