About Me

I’m a storyteller. But what exactly does it mean to tell your story with photographs?

Well, for me, it’s capturing movement and emotion. The word candid comes to mind. I like to call it The Inbetween. Like that moment at a wedding just after I tell a group of classically posed family members that, “Okay, I got. You guys are done.” They all laugh with a some relief that family pictures are over, they hug each other, and somewhere a little kid dressed in a tux tugs at the hem of a dress. And snap, snap, snap. 

That’s The Inbetween.

I am a portrait & wedding photographer speacializing in a candid, storytelling approach. I travel everywhere, so if you’re outside of Minnesota, just let me know. Below you’ll find a few samples from Hawaii, Mexico, Scotland, California, Denver, and other places inbetween (see what I did there?).


My name is Natalie and welcome to my website. I’m a Minneapolis-based portrait & wedding photographer.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse the site and check out some of the things I’ve been working on lately.

My approach:

I strive for a mix of classic and candid photos. My style centers around my love for storytelling, only using photographs instead of words. You’ll find a mix of candids, formals, portraits, and details in my wedding stories & family collections.

You need candids. Why?

Because candids are the simple little moments that allow a personality to show. Like the weird expressions and chuckles people make right after a family formal is snapped…that’s the photo you’ll end up framing and hanging on the wall.

A full day:

Here’s a slide show sample of a gorgeous rustic wedding here in Minnesota. And if you enjoyed that one, here’s a pretty rad location in Wisconsin to check out.

It’s an investment.

Photography is totally an investment. I could ramble on about print quality, cameras I use, archival paper, and heirloom albums, but it really just means this: The photo collection you receive after your session with me will be beautiful and high quality so your prints and albums will be enjoyed by people for years, even generations.

Plus, seriously, you need to get some nice pictures on your walls, fridge, and desk instead of letting gorgeous photos die slowly on a hard drive that will one day no longer work anyway. For more information on booking and pricing use the contact form in the menu above.


A little more about me:

I teach a photo business course called Escape the Cubicle. It was inspired by my own experiences as I’ve built my business and the desire to help others achieve that dream. I believe we all have something a little different and unique to offer the photo world & that building a strong community of photographers is the way to go.

Photographer? JOIN our Facebook group and learn new tips for your photo business and connect with other photographers: Escape the Cubicle

One-on-one workshops are also starting to fill my calendar. I offer two options: business building coaching & workflow coaching. If you’re a photographer interested in learning more, send me a note using the contact form above.

I also am the founder of A Face Project. A Face Project is a quarterly fine art magazine and online journal. It was created in order to honor the art of storytelling, as well as offer a place for people to visit that is motivational, entertaining, educational, and inspirational. Anyone can participate and you can learn all about it at www.afaceproject.com