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So, I’m not going to say much here about my portrait and documentary work. I’ll keep it short-ish. Take a peek through these pages and assign your own adjectives to my work (and feel free to share them with me: use the contact form above).

I’m from Minneapolis, but as you read this there’s a better chance I’m somewhere else in the world. I recently sold all of my “stuff” and am not sure where I’ll land. How exciting! Although I’m calling the road home for now, I’m available for commissions globally. I offer standard photography packages, but for something different be sure to ask about social media kits for businesses & other projects. Use the contact form above for inquiries.

I teach a photo business course called Escape the Cubicle. It was inspired by my own experiences as I've built my business and the desire to help others achieve that dream. I believe we all have something a little different and unique to offer the photo world & that building a strong community of photographers is the way to go.

Photographer? JOIN our Facebook group and learn new tips for your photo business and connect with other photographers: Escape the Cubicle

One-on-one workshops are also filling my calendar these days. If you're a photographer interested in learning more, send me a note using the contact form above.

I am the founder of A Face Project. A Face Project was created to honor the art of storytelling, as well as provide a multimedia platform for disempowered people to share their stories and connect with resources and other folks around the world. Anyone can participate and you can learn all about it at www.afaceproject.com



Photo: Audrey Nicole Photography & Gray Duck Studios