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Coaching & Education

Normally I'd say something catchy like: Hey! Wanna take your photography business to the NEXT LEVEL in 2018?

But I've counted, and nearly 4,263,1212 businesses, coaches, and other folks vying for your valuable time have already used "next level" and other wildly bland phrases like it.

So let's just say I'm here to help you grow, evolve, and improve in 2018, and set you up with a solid foundation to reach what you're aiming for, which is totally different for each of you.

That's why my one-on-one coaching is designed around what you're planning on working on. I'll draw from a variety of resources, as well as my own Escape the Cubicle course, to build a customized program for you. 

And this isn't just biz-type stuff, either. We'll dig into an important segment I call "mindset" that addresses some core pieces of the puzzle like attitude, routine, home life, and self care practices.

If you're feeling solid there, we'll dive into "method" and "maintenence" to add some cool tools to your bag and show you how to keep the train moving onward and upward for years to come.

To take the first steps towards your goals, sign up for a free-10 minute consult. Just click the button below.

Good words

from past coaching sessions

energized & excited

"I had my session with Natalie last week and as usual I left the conversation feeling energized and excited to get to work!

I came into it with 3 really broad goals for 2018. Natalie walked through each one of these for me and gave me tangible tasks that I could do to help focus in and make these goals a reality! I was feeling a little overwhelmed, with that "where do I even start" feeling, but that totally melted away throughout our convo! It is just SO incredibly helpful to take your thoughts out of your own brain for a minute and have someone else (especially Natalie, because she's super intuitive to what you need) look them over and see where you can do work."

-Audrey {Dec 2017}

it’s so valuable

"Natalie helped me come up with three concrete goals that distilled my rather broad vision for the coming year. It's so valuable to be able to have guidance from another professional in my field. Natalie is an amazing listener with the unique ability to get to the heart of what you're trying to communicate. I will definitely be contacting Natalie again for future coaching sessions!"

-Ashley {Dec 2017}


“I’m getting my life back. Is it really this easy? Not only did I get more time back, but I can book more, too.”

-Lisa {Oct 2017}